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The Legal Leads specializes in, but is not limited to the following mass tort campaigns.

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Camp Lejeune
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Hair Relaxer
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Hernia Mesh
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Combat Earplugs
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Ozempic & More!
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All of our Mass Tort Leads come with the following guarantees, or your lead will be replaced at no additional cost.

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100% Exclusive Mass Tort Leads


Through the various means of marketing we deploy, including landing pages, radio, tv, & social media, we receive the initial inquiry from the potential client.


Depending on the tort, our trained intake agents run the potential client through an extensive intake form.


The potential clients is then transferred to our in-house quality control department to verify that all information on the intake form is correct.


Your team will then receive the live-transfer lead via email, API Configuration, or post URL

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Leads will be instantly delivered to your email of choosing.

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Fully integrate the process of acquiring leads with your API.

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Deliver new leads via HTTP POST to a URL of your choosing.

Sample Intake Form

Custom Question Intake Form

All of our Mass Tort Leads come with a rigorous custom intake form mini application. Here is a sample of an intake form for these leads.

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What Are Mass Tort Leads?

Mass tort leads are potential clients for law firms, representing individuals who have been adversely affected by products or services and are seeking legal redress. These leads are crucial for building large-scale civil actions against corporations, commonly involving issues like pharmaceutical errors, environmental contamination, or faulty consumer products.

Importance of Mass Tort Leads for Law Firms

Mass tort leads are pivotal for law firms as they significantly boost caseloads by connecting firms with multiple plaintiffs who have similar claims. This can result in substantial legal battles and, potentially, substantial settlements or judgments. For instance, cases like those involving Zantac, a medication linked to cancer risks, or the environmental disaster at Camp Lejeune demonstrate how mass torts can encompass vast groups affected by corporate oversights.

These leads not only help law firms expand their practice but also reinforce their role in upholding consumer safety and corporate accountability, making them invaluable for firms specializing in large-scale litigation.

How We Generate and Verify Mass Tort Leads

At The Legal Leads, our commitment to providing high-quality mass tort leads is at the core of our operations. Our advanced lead generation and rigorous verification process ensure that we deliver only the most qualified leads to our clients.


Lead Generation Techniques


We employ a diverse range of digital marketing strategies to generate leads, including targeted campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube, and various display networks.


 Our landing pages are designed with smart-logic flows to capture high-intent leads effectively, ensuring that every lead has the potential to convert into a viable case for our clients.


We invest heavily in our creative assets, continuously refining our approach through A/B testing of creatives, headlines, forms, and audience targeting to optimize performance and engagement.

The Importance of Quality Leads in Mass Tort Cases

In mass tort litigation, the quality of leads can determine the success or failure of a case. High-quality leads are those that have been thoroughly screened and pre-qualified, ensuring that they meet the specific criteria necessary for inclusion in mass tort lawsuits.

Challenges in Mass Tort Lead Generation

Finding and qualifying leads for mass tort cases presents several challenges. The process requires identifying individuals who have been affected in a similar way by a defective product, harmful drug, or environmental disaster. Each lead must have a directly traceable experience to the case in question, making the vetting process both crucial and complex.

The Role of Lead Screening

Effective lead screening is essential to filter out unqualified leads and focus on those with the highest potential for successful litigation, We recommend implementing a smart-logic flow within your form that weeds out leads that do not qualify and only accepts high-intent leads. This involves verifying the accuracy of the information provided, ensuring compliance with legal standards, and assessing the relevance of each case to the mass tort action.

Three-Step Lead Verification Process



Initial Inquiry and Certification

Upon inquiry, leads undergo a preliminary check using lead certification technologies such as Jornaya and TrustedForm.



Email and Information Confirmation

Following their initial interaction, leads are prompted via email and on our thank-you pages to verify their email addresses and the accuracy of their submitted information.



Final Verification

Before a lead is passed to our clients, it undergoes a final verification where the lead confirms their eligibility criteria, such as their diagnosis, via a comprehensive verification form.

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Each step in our process is designed to build a reliable pipeline of qualified mass tort leads that meet the specific criteria of law firms. By maintaining stringent quality controls and adhering to compliance standards, we ensure that every lead provided maximizes potential case outcomes and ROI for our clients.