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Who we are

The Legal Leads specializes in extremely qualified and vetted live transfer legal leads!

Why choose Us. has a combined 20 years experience among its staff when it comes to lead generation. We started with debt settlement and real-estate marketing leads and have grown our way to the legal field. Our office are based out of Los Angeles, CA and we service all 50 states.

Our Mission.

We believe in quality over quantity. That is why we ONLY GENERATE LIVE TRANSFER LEADS. You can expect anywhere from a 50% - 80% closing ratio (YES, REALLY!)

What we Do.

We will help adjust your current existing system to be able to handle our intake. Each account will receive a dedicated coordinator who will ensure a smooth transition.

Exclusive lead transfer process

100% Exclusive Live Transfer Leads

InquireThrough the various means of marketing we employ, including landing pages, radio, tv, and social media, we receive the initial inquiry from the potential client.

IntakeDepending on the lead type, our trained intake agents run the potential client through an extensive pre-qualification application.

VerifyThe potential clients is then transferred to our in-house quality control department to verify that all information on the intake form is correct.

TransferThe call is then live-transferred to your firm- and their mini-application is also sent over either via email, API Configuration, or post URL.

Types of Leads

The Legal Leads specializes in, but is not limited to the following practice areas.

Auto Accidents

Perhaps the most common type of personal injury lead in the industry. Comes with a 35 question pre-qualified application for each and every lead.

Workers Compensation

Injuries in the workplace happen every day. As a matter of fact, you have probably witnessed more than one in your life time.


Whether you are looking for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or wage and hour loss leads, we have the best live transfer solutions in the industry.

Mass Tort

These leads are considered the needle in the haystack. Highest ticket items in the industry. Whether you are looking for Mesothelioma, Round-Up, CA Wildfires, or even a custom-tailored campaign - we can help!

Wrongful Death

As rare as these cases are, we have found a way to generate the perfect live transfer call. These leads are extremely rare but can be generated for all 50 states.

Custom Built Campaigns

These campaigns are tailored to your firms needs. We will build out custom inquiry forms and will even venture into new verticals.

State of the art technology

Each firm that join will have their own unique log-in to our CRM which controls all aspects of lead management.

Key Features:

  • Production Reports
  • Conversion Reports
  • Call Recordings
  • Customized Lead Transfer Schedules
  • Reject/Accept lead through portal
  • Request Lead Replacements
  • Track Invoices
  • Track Payments Made


We stand 100% behind our quality guarantee.

100% Exclusive

All of the leads generated are 100% exclusive to you and your firm. They are NEVER resold, not even as aged leads. They are yours forever.

Real-Time Transfers

All of our live transfers are generated real-time. You can rest assure that the client was just pre-qualified before the transfer.

Not working with an attorney

None of our leads are currently working with any other attorneys for their inquiry. Otherwise your lead will be replaced at no cost to you.

Guaranteed Replacements

Each different lead type has guaranteed filters or your lead will be replaced at no cost to you. To see what these filters are, please click on the lead type above.