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Workers Compensation Leads

Workers Compensation claims in the United States has been steadily rising every year for almost the past decade. The Insurance Information Institute provides the following statistics below:

YearNet premiums written (2)Annual percent changeCalendar year (3)Annual point change (4)Accident year (5)Annual point change
2009$32,247,870 -12.70%107.96.4 pts.1073 pts.
201848,343,2927.386.2-5.997 (6)1
(1) After dividends to policyholders. A drop in the combined ratio represents an improvement; an increase represents a deterioration.
(2) After reinsurance transactions, excludes state funds.
(3) Calendar year data are from S&P Global Market Intelligence.
(4) Calculated from unrounded data.
(5) Accident year data are from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).
(6) Estimated by NCCI.


As soon as our intake department transfers the call- the clients mini app will be forwarded to one or more members of your firm. The information can get passed along via the following:

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Intake Form

20 Question Pre-Qualification

All of our workers compensation live transfers come with a 20 question pre-qualified mini application. Here is a sample of an intake form for these leads.


All of our workers compensation live transfer leads come with the following guarantees, or your lead will be replaced at no additional cost.

Lead Guarantee:

  • Claimant has been injured
  • Other party is insured
  • Time frame of injury within statute of limitations
  • Seeing medical treatment or will be
  • Not working with any other attorneys
  • 100% exclusive to your company- never resold!

Costs and Projections

Each workers compensation live transfer lead will cost $1000 with a 5 order minimum. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Test out a batch of 5 leads and you will not be disappointed. These live transfers should be converting anywhere between 40-80% (the variance is attributed to the firm). We guarantee and stand by the quality of our transfers.